Why is your fudge in a jar?
Our fudge is softer then traditional fudge, its spoonable fudge! The jar seals in the freshness so if you don’t finish it, you can put the lid back on and it wont dry out.  And its the perfect stocking stuffer!

Are your products Gluten Free?  We don’t add gluten to most of our products, (a few of the fudge flavors have cookies in them) but we work in a facility that uses gluten and other allergens. We do our best to ensure that allergens are kept separate and gluten products are made separate but there is a chance of cross contamination. 

Is there real Bacon in the Maple Bacon Pecans?  Yes, we use real thick cut bacon! the candying process makes it shelf stable.

Can I get custom labels made for the fudge jars to give as wedding favors? Yes!  We do custom labels for weddings, birthdays, thank you gifts and all kinds of things!!  Contact us for label options